About Us & Why Trust Funerals Was Created

Trust Funerals is a modern independent family owned funeral directors overseen by Simon and Jill Iredale who relocated to Matlock, Derbyshire in 2007. We focus our funeral services mainly in the Derby area, but also throughout the counties of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. They each have over 30 years training and experience working with the bereaved but felt that funeral directors were charging too much, but also failing to innovate and reflect the needs of their local communities.

Simon Iredale
Simon IredaleFuneral Director
Jill Iredale
Jill IredaleFuneral Arranger

What Are Other Funeral Directors Missing?

Firstly it must be said that there are many things which funeral directors typically get absolutely right. Most of them provide an excellent and professional service, supporting and guiding families through arrangements at a very difficult time. They are genuinely caring in their dealings with clients and can be trusted to look after your loved one as if he or she were their own.

At Trust Funerals we wholeheartedly agree that this is of paramount importance and we can always be relied on to be sensitive compassionate and caring towards you and your loved one at all times.

Generally, funeral directors provide a huge and occasionally bewildering number of options to cater for all tastes and requirements. But what about those people who are only wishing to arrange a personalised but simple and straightforward service at a Crematorium? This kind of funeral is becoming increasingly popular and of course all funeral directors can do this for their standard fee but could a locally based cremation specialist offer a better overall service?

During Simon’s time working for funeral directors in the Derby area he noticed that big changes were occurring in the type and style of funeral that people chose.

It is a well known fact that cremations are on the increase and that the number of burials have been in steady decline for some years. Fewer people attend church on a regular basis nowadays and consequently the number of church funeral services is also going down.

In addition though, he saw that families often didn’t want the hearse going to the house before the funeral. More families were choosing to arrive at the crematorium in their own vehicles rather than squeezing into cramped limousines. Usually these limousines would transport the mourners only as far as the Wake, other arrangements would have to be made to get home again afterwards so many families preferred not to use them at all. Despite these cars becoming less popular they remain very expensive to buy and these overheads greatly increase the cost of the overall funeral services being offered.

Image of Simon from Trust Funerals at a cremation without ceremony at Chesterfield Crematorium.
Image for the quickest Direct Cremation service

Funerals are usually expensive and the cost has risen dramatically. The average cost of a funeral these days is now in excess of £3500. Consequently more families are contacting a number of funeral directors to get a quotation before choosing which one to use. The problem is that many of them charge a lot even if you don’t use all the services they offer because they have such huge overheads.

For example, even a relatively small fleet of cars can now cost almost half a million pounds plus the funeral directors premises are often quite large, partly to accommodate these vehicles. Almost all funeral directors will offer a 24 hour service which means that paid staff have to be on call at all times whether you use this service or not. These are just a few of the reasons why funerals cost as much as they do.

There is an industry standard straightforward Simple Funeral (which is rarely publicised so you have to specifically ask for it) but it does allow fair comparisons to be made between different companies, however this minimum price inevitably includes a large contribution towards these overheads. The big national or international corporations (sometimes hiding behind an old family business name) tend to charge a little more than the genuine independents but they all pass on these costs to the families paying for the funeral.

Is There An Alternative?

Trust Funerals was created for those people who want a family ­run independent funeral service which offers a modern personalised high quality and dignified cremation or funeral at a Crematorium of your choice for a fair and reasonable cost.

If you are in this situation, think you might be in the near future or just want to chat about it, why not give us a call and make your own mind up?

Call and speak to us today on Derby: 01332 460222