Direct Cremation

The Cremation Only option is our own name for direct cremation which is arranging a cremation to take place privately at the crematorium without family or public attendance.

We are the UK’s number one choice for direct cremation because our prices are amongst the lowest you will find  – yet we also set the very highest quality standards.



All third party fees and

return of ashes included


The Premier Direct Cremation Only Service

This fixed price package includes all the necessary fees and costs £1075 with ashes either strewn at the crematorium or returned personally. There are absolutely no hidden extras or additional third-party fees to be added.

Our Cremation Only package in detail:

INCLUDES   Crematorium fees for an unattended cremation  

INCLUDES   Doctors’ fees and liaison with the Coroner

INCLUDES   Collection from a hospital or public mortuary

INCLUDES   A locally sourced handmade wooden coffin

INCLUDES   Travel in our Funeral Vehicle

INCLUDES   Personal return or scattering of the ashes 

INCLUDES   Full guidance, advice and support throughout  

Not everyone wants a conventional funeral.

  • Many people say that when they pass away they “don’t want a lot of fuss”.
  • In fact, more than a third of us say that our final wish is to spend as little as possible.
  • Some of us just want something a bit different or ask for no funeral at all.

The Cremation Only option, also called direct cremation, is simple and straightforward. It is the most cost-effective choice and minimises the stress and anxiety that a typical funeral ceremony can cause. For some, it is also a much appreciated relief which helps make the grieving process that little bit easier to cope with.

Yes, very easily. You may be interested in our Direct Funeral option which is a £1,450 package that includes a funeral service presented by a professional celebrant at the location of your choosing.

Nowadays many families are opting for a conventional attended funeral service to take place without the presence of the coffin which is taken in private by funeral staff to the Crematorium separately.  The service may often be followed by a reception in the function room of a village hall, pub or hotel.

This arrangement is becoming increasingly popular as many people find the sight of the coffin during the service to be very distressing at an already difficult time.

With Cremation Only there is no attendance at the Crematorium but you are of course free to arrange whatever type of informal gathering you feel is appropriate to celebrate the life of your loved one; and it could be anywhere you want, and whenever you choose.

In the case of the Direct Funeral, the exact service with a professional celebrant you would have had at the Crematorium chapel would be held anywhere you might choose, for example at a function room before the more informal social part with refreshments etc. It offers improved continuity using just one venue, excellent value for money and reduces unnecessary travelling.

Our Direct Funeral costs just £1,450 and is a a fixed price all-inclusive package. It is based on our direct cremation service but also includes the elements necessary to make this into an attended funeral. We visit you at home so you can discuss the funeral arrangements face to face with the funeral director. The professional funeral celebrant will also make an appointment to visit you in order to learn more about your loved one and write the bespoke eulogy to present at the funeral service. After the cremation we return the ashes to you (if required) in a solid oak casket with an engraved plaque on the top. We always aim to return the ashes quickly and sometimes families will hold the funeral with the ashes present for the service.

We are a small, experienced and caring family business.

We are an independent family owned and run funeral directors. We give a far more personal service and you will always deal with the same person every time because we believe it builds better relationships. Every family is important and means a lot to us.   

Being small also means we can be flexible to better accommodate the individual needs of every client.

Our aim is to provide this service promptly.  In some instances it has been possible to visit a family on Monday, the cremation take place on Wednesday and the ashes personally returned by us on the Friday.

We won’t cut corners to keep our costs down. That’s why we chose to provide high quality wooden coffins which are handmade in the UK. Also, we still insist on travelling with your loved one in a proper Funeral Vehicle, exactly as we do on attended funerals. These cars are clearly featured throughout our website, whereas many others use panel vans or basic estate cars.

This is a complete all-inclusive service offering a real alternative to traditional funerals at a straightforward fixed low price.

We will:

Provide first­ class customer service as detailed in our Customer Promise.

Collect your loved one from a hospital, mortuary or another funeral directors during office hours.

Respectfully look after them whilst in our care.

Be attentive to your feelings and behave in a calm professional sensitive and compassionate way at all times.

Attend to the cremation arrangements promptly in precise accordance with your instructions.

Supply a top quality wooden coffin handmade in the UK.

Prepare the body for the coffin in a respectful and dignified manner.

Provide transport of the deceased to the Crematorium in our Funeral Vehicle or hearse.

Conduct and oversee the whole process offering support and advice as appropriate.

Arrange the strewing of cremated remains in the grounds of the crematorium or deliver the ashes back to you personally by prior appointment if instructed.

All of the above costs just £1075 with the ashes either scattered or returned to you, including all third party fees.

The area we cover is Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

We have chosen to restrict coverage in order to ensure that you will always receive the best value and the highest standard of individual personal service.

Usually not.

Normally collection of your loved one from a hospital can be done in office hours and this is assumed in our standard price. If necessary more urgent or out of hours collection from a nursing home or private dwelling are usually possible but this would incur a further charge. This service adds a fee of £300 from us which also includes being under our care for up to 14 days, after which we may need to make a daily charge of £5 (but this is very rarely necessary). Alternatively a local funeral director would perform the collection instead for around £250 – £350 and we would then visit their premises, usually the next day.

Our standard package is based on contact involving telephone conversations, texts, emails and the post. We do however recommend adding our optional home visit to discuss the arrangements and sign the documentation which makes for a more personal service and can be reassuring, plus it saves the delay caused by using the postal system. This costs £75 and is particularly worthwhile if the timescale is important to you.

If you wish to receive the ashes back rather than strewn in the Crematorium grounds we bring them to you personally on a prearranged date within 20 working days. If you have also selected for us to have visited personally then we will also prioritise returning the ashes to you much sooner too.

If the coffin required is larger than 6’ 2” by 21” in width this would be more expensive and incurs an additional charge of £100. Very occasionally in the case of severe obesity we may not be able to provide our services, and if some costs have already been incurred there may be a small cancellation charge.

The Five Simple Steps:

1. Contact Us.

Call or email us and we take all the necessary details. We would then confirm the details and total cost to you in writing within 24 hours.

2. Register.

In any case you must register the death and then we will need either the ‘green certificate’ given to you by the Registrar (or alternatively the Coroner’s Order for Cremation). A minimum deposit of £650 will be due in order for us to commence making the necessary arrangements. We can receive payment by bank transfer either by bank transfer or from the deceased’s bank account by personal visit to the branch with our invoice and a Death Certificate. Other payment methods may incur a small additional charge.

3. Sign The Forms.

We will arrange to visit personally to meet with you or alternatively we can post the forms required by the crematorium for you to sign. Once these are received and the balance has been paid we will collect the deceased and the cremation would take place very soon afterwards.

4. Cremation.

The cremation will usually take place within 2 – 5 working days of receiving the signed paperwork and we would confirm to you when the cremation would take place unless requested otherwise.

5. The Ashes.

Cremated remains will be available 3 working days after the cremation. They can be scattered at the crematorium at no extra cost or returned personally by us within 20 working days of the cremation.

Image of the Mercedes star from our silver funeral vehicle.