The Traditional Crematorium Funeral

Our simple Traditional Crematorium Funeral package is offered at the fixed price of £1,975 which includes our own fees as well as all the disbursements (the third party fees we pay on your behalf).

As a simple but traditional funeral service package it includes our timeless classic black hearse.



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This simple funeral package costs around half what many other funeral directors would charge, but we won’t make any compromises to keep the cost down.

Our company was created in the first place to have lower overheads which helped us to provide a long overdue alternative to the widespread routine overcharging by many long established high street funeral directors. As a consequence we have been leading the way forward in Derbyshire with our honest highly ethical approach and clear transparent pricing.

During this time the situation has started to change and we are very pleased that the serious issues of overcharging and lack of price transparency has now been recognised by the UK Government.

Their latest report uncovered serious concerns that in some cases funeral directors both large and small have taken advantage of families at a time of vulnerability. The Government are still assessing the situation before taking action and we very much welcome their much needed involvement.

In the meantime we advise that great care should be taken to avoid excessive charges or being encouraged to spend more than intended or is necessary. Our simple Traditional Markeaton Crematorium Funeral package solves all such problems so please read on to discover more.

It assumes that the funeral itself would take place at Markeaton Crematorium however we can easily adapt the package for other nearby crematoria for very little extra cost. Please talk to us if that is the case and we will provide a precise quotation for your personal requirements at the first point of contact.

Our package looks, feels and genuinely is in every respect a high quality funeral service worthy of any loved one. We only use the very best handmade coffins and our vehicles and staff are always immaculately presented.

After having attended several hundred funerals stretching back over a decade around Derbyshire we know which celebrants can write and present the most personal of eulogies. So if you leave the choice to us you can be assured we will only work with the very best funeral celebrants in the area.

Please take a moment or two to read some of our reviews from families we have helped in the last few years. These personal stories speak volumes about the quality of our funeral services and the genuinely sincere care we provide.

Details Of The Traditional Markeaton Crematorium Funeral Package

All of the following is included as standard in this complete funeral package:

  • Personal visit by the funeral director to discuss all details of the arrangements
  • Personal visit by the funeral celebrant or minister to learn more about your loved one and write a unique bespoke funeral service to present on the day
  • Our professional fees relating to all aspects of the arrangements and necessary documentation
  • Collection of your loved one from a hospital or other mortuary within 20 miles of Derby
  • Care and preparation of the body until the funeral service
  • All doctors fees and any costs arising from liaison with the Coroner
  • Crematorium fees for a morning funeral service on a date of your choosing
  • A premium quality real oak veneered simple coffin which is locally made by hand
  • Travelling directly to the Crematorium using our traditional black Daimler hearse
  • Funeral director conducting the funeral and supporting the family as appropriate

Our Hearse

We have this timeless and traditional black Daimler hearse complete with a classic full leather and wood interior as befits such a prestigious high quality hand built British vehicle.

At nearly 21 feet long this impressively large and gleamingly shiny vehicle is hard to ignore and manages to turn heads wherever it is seen on the road. Its powerful four litre engine and automatic transmission effortlessly propels it almost silently, and always sedately, on its journey.

It is an enduring testament to British engineering and craftsmanship and exudes quality in every respect. This is surely a vehicle worthy of its important role; we feel rightly proud of our Daimler and like to think your loved one would feel the same way.