PrePaid Funeral Plans

A Prepaid Funeral Plan is a way of ensuring that when the time comes you will actually get the funeral arrangement that you wish for, and without having to place any financial burden on to other family members.

Another big benefit of prepaid funeral plans is that you pay the current plan price so no matter how far in the future you may pass away, with us there should be no extra due to be paid despite how much funeral prices may have risen during that period. The cost of funerals has risen dramatically in recent years and industry analysts expect this trend to continue over the years ahead.

We chose Safe Hands Funeral Plans as our preferred partner as they are a market leader in the industry providing excellent products at competitive prices and are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority which oversees its members to ensure that the highest standards are upheld.

You can also pay for a funeral plan with us outright or in affordable monthly instalments over a period of up to 10 years. If it is chosen to pay over one or two years then there is the added advantage that there is no interest or any other amount added to the total. Plans over 3, 5 or 10 years will, however, cost more to reflect the repayment period.

If you decide to take out your funeral plan with us then Safe Hands Plans look after the funds in your prepaid funeral plan safely until the planholder passes away, and only then is the money released to us to pay for the cremation and/or funeral. In the meantime they will hold the funds securely in a ring fenced trust fund meaning you don’t have to worry about us or anybody else involved going out of business before the Plan is needed.

Our Traditional Crematorium Funeral Plan – £3200

This is the prepaid plan version of our Traditional Crematorium Funeral Package which, although currently cheaper than the prepaid plan alternative, will almost inevitably increase in cost every year. By contrast, this funeral plan is priced at £3,200 and no matter whether the plan holder lived for another 5 years or 50 years there should still be nothing extra to pay for the funeral when that time comes. For most people this means that by the time they pass away the original funeral plan price will be only a small fraction of the up to date cost of a funeral at that time.

Our Direct Cremation Only Plan – £1550

This prepaid plan is based on our Cremation Only service but also includes numerous extra cost options as standard. Also and very importantly this plan is unlike almost all other funeral plans on the market because it absolutely 100% guarantees that there will be no more to pay when the time comes.

It includes all of the essential elements and third-party fees necessary for a direct cremation including all doctors fees which are often not included with other plan companies.

It also covers the collection of the deceased from anywhere in the UK at no additional cost and the personal return of the ashes afterwards.

Usually a plan of this type will cost somewhere between the cost of our own and ranging up to around £2,000, but please be cautious when making direct comparisons.  Some companies exclude distant collection locations or charge extra for out of hours for example.  Worse still there are some low priced plans which actually leave out some costs that are a standard legal requirement in order to advertise a more attractive price to lure you in. On the other hand by taking out the fully featured comprehensive plan we provide means you can reap the benefits of Trust Funerals lower operating costs and trademark value for money, with a saving of up to £400.

If you are currently considering taking out prepaid funeral plans why not give us a call to have a chat about it?  There is no obligation, we have a strict ‘no selling’ policy and our unbiased advice is completely free.





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