The Attended Funeral has a strict legal definition and all funeral directors must by law state a precise price for it so you can compare their charges.

Our ‘Attended Funeral’ is £1,350.

Like us, most funeral directors offer high-quality services but their prices vary dramatically.

The Standardised Price List and the Additional Options Price List are available to view and to download or print from the links near the top of our Home page. It is a legal requirement for all funeral directors websites to provide both of these price lists online, and both must be only one click from the home page. This became mandatory in 2021 due to a lack of transparency regarding costs but many funeral companies have chosen not to comply and are therefore breaking the law.


In response to customer feedback, our services are provided as all-inclusive fixed price packages making it simple and straightforward to see what the total cost is for each type of funeral arrangement.

At the first point of contact, we will seek to establish whether your chosen package will precisely fit your specific individual requirements. If this is not the case we will adapt the package to reflect your additional requests and advise you immediately of the extra charges so that you may make a fully informed decision before instructing us. Once chosen, we will always confirm to you in writing the total amount along with a summary of the service being provided for your records.


Some of our many satisfied families have taken the time and trouble to write about their experience of using our funeral services and you can link to read them here.


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Demonstrate first-class customer service as detailed in our Customer Promise

Seek to establish from the outset whether a package fulfills your requirements and if not provide an exact quotation

Give advice on best value for money and make suggestions where cost savings may be achieved

Strictly avoid any form of selling or encouragement to increase spending

Collect your loved one from a hospital or another funeral directors (other locations may incur an additional cost)

Respectfully care for them up to and during the funeral

Visit you personally at a place of your choosing and discuss your wishes and requirements (unless requested otherwise)

Confirm the details and cost of the service being provided in writing by email, and by letter if necessary

Be attentive to your feelings and behave in a calm professional sensitive and compassionate way at all times

Attend to the cremation/funeral arrangements promptly in precise accordance with your instructions

Supply a high quality locally sourced handmade coffin lined and complete with all fittings

Prepare the body for the coffin in a respectful and dignified manner

Advise on and supply floral tributes if requested

Arrive at the Crematorium on time in our Funeral Vehicle or hearse

Conduct and oversee the funeral service offering support to immediate family members

Collect any donations (if required) for the relevant charity after the funeral


We request a part payment to approximately cover disbursements (third party costs, for example, doctors fees and the cost for cremating) at the point when funeral arrangements are agreed, with the remaining balance payable before the cremation takes place.

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