The Contemporary Freedom Funeral

This all inclusive fixed price funeral package for Markeaton Crematorium is priced at £1,675 and is the ideal choice for those looking for a very simple funeral service to attend which has a modern theme. Please talk to us if your preference is for another crematorium and we will provide a precise quotation accordingly.



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Our Contemporary Funeral is a little different to what many people expect and we like to think this helps make the occasion more memorable, special and personal to you. In many ways this choice is similar to most other arrangements but we changed a few things to reflect current tastes and modern preferences.

In the past, funerals seemed often to be about the mourning of a death but nowadays most families want the occasion to be much more about the celebration of a life instead. Many funeral directors say they understand this but we noticed that in nearly every case the funeral was hardly any different at all. So we began to think what should be different to make a funeral more of a true celebration of life….

The first and most important thing we needed to change was to avoid using the typical big black hearse so we replaced it straightaway with what we call simply our Silver Funeral Vehicle. You can find more details about this in the section below.

We also thought dressing entirely in black or the traditional funeral morning suits were also symbolic of sadness so unless requested otherwise our staff will instead be immaculately presented wearing regular formal clothing in appropriate colours other than black. Some families will specifically request that everyone attending the funeral dresses in bright colours only or with a particular colour as a theme, like the deceased’s favourite for example, and if desired our staff can also do likewise.

You might want to think also about the service itself. How formal should it be or how should it be structured? Do you need a minister or celebrant at all; perhaps friends and family want to speak instead?

Our standard package is based on a family-led funeral service which enables you to use the chapel time however you choose. As an alternative to family or friends presenting the service, you can choose silent reflection whilst listening to pieces of music that were special to your departed loved one; the choice is yours. There really is so much you can do to personalise the ceremony and if it’s possible we will work with you to make it happen.

Details Of The Contemporary Markeaton Crematorium Funeral Package

All of the following is included as standard in this funeral package:

  • Personal visit by the funeral director to discuss all details of the arrangements
  • Our professional fees relating to all aspects of the arrangements and necessary documentation
  • Collection of your loved one from a hospital or other mortuary within 20 miles of Derby
  • Care and preparation of the body until the funeral
  • All doctors fees and any costs arising from liaison with the Coroner
  • Crematorium fees for a morning service on a date of your choosing
  • A premium quality real oak veneered simple coffin which is locally made by hand
  • Travelling directly to the Crematorium using our silver Mercedes-Benz funeral vehicle
  • Funeral director conducting the funeral and supporting the family as appropriate

Our Mercedes-Benz Funeral Vehicle

Image of our Mercedes Silver funeral vehicle at Bramcote Crematorium.

Image of the Mercedes star from our silver funeral vehicle.

Image of our Mercedes-Benz Silver funeral vehicle from the rear.

As funeral directors specialising in Celebration Of Life cremation services we knew that most families would prefer that the funeral didn’t begin with the arrival of a traditional big black hearse. Many people find just the sight of a hearse distressing in itself and the vehicle has become symbolic of death,mourning loss and sadness.

We quite quickly settled on silver as the right colour for our funeral vehicle but deciding on the right vehicle itself was much harder. It couldn’t be an ordinary vehicle like you see on the road every day; of course it had to be suitable for the intended purpose but just as importantly it had to be special.

Most hearses are adapted from Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Jaguar XJ or Volvo estate cars and we agreed that it was appropriate to pick a prestigious brand for that important final journey. We picked the Mercedes-Benz E-Class partly because it is the largest premium estate car available but also because they make to order a rare partially hand built version which is the top of their range model.

Many people assume that these standard cars are lengthened and converted so that they are long enough and tall enough to accommodate coffins with floral tributes on top but in fact this is not the case. The largest of estate cars currently available are already sufficiently large for the purpose of becoming a funeral vehicle and therefore the process of transformation into a hearse is not actually necessary.

Usually a hearse is constructed from the most basic specification model available due to the high cost of conversion, unlike our car which has almost every conceivable optional extra available. Even the exclusive large and powerful petrol engine in the car was hand built by one man and proudly bears a plaque on the top with his name and signature. As a funeral car it effortlessly conveys the vehicle to the crematorium at barely above tickover whilst the air suspension ensures the smoothest of journeys.

The leather upholstery is of a much higher standard than that used in all ordinary Mercedes-Benz vehicles and also covers the dashboard and most of the trim in the car. The suede headlining surrounds the huge panoramic glass roof which allows light to flood into the rear of the car giving a clear view of the coffin and floral tributes.

The car comes with an array of safety equipment based on all the latest technology. It even comes with a separate set of wheels and tyres specially designed to cope with winter conditions meaning that whatever the season your loved one always travels as safely as is possible.