Weekend Funerals

Many people are not aware that most crematoriums will open for funerals on Saturdays, and some can also accommodate services on Sundays as well. Funeral directors tend not to encourage this as it is preferable for them to confine funeral services to normal office hours within the working week. However, from the clients perspective having the funeral at the weekend offers numerous advantages.


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Image of Simon from Trust Funerals at a cremation without ceremony at Chesterfield Crematorium.

Because so few families are made aware of this option, availability of service times is almost guaranteed which means the funeral can happen much quicker. It is an excellent choice for those who want the funeral to take place as soon as possible after bereavement occurs.

It also offers a solution where people want to come to the service but find it difficult to attend a funeral during the week due to other commitments or cannot get time off work. Unfortunately, some employers can refuse compassionate leave or maybe the annual leave entitlement for the year has already been used up. Another common problem with attendance is where any time off work is unpaid, such as for the self-employed, and this can in some cases lead to loss of income affecting their ability to attend the service. Weekend funerals can frequently solve many such problems.

Nowadays families can be spread all over the country and beyond. There are often significant distances for some family members to travel in order to attend the service and return home again, sometimes in one day. By arranging the funeral on a Saturday for example it can mean that friends and relatives who don’t live locally can arrive, attend the service plus the wake afterwards, and stay the rest of the weekend too. This can make a big difference: spending much more time socialising with family and old friends or offering greater support than would otherwise be possible.

Trust Funerals understand that having a funeral service at the weekend provides many benefits to the families it serves. Because of this, we are committed to offering our services at the same fixed price as any other day of the week. However, some of the additional third party costs over which we have no control may be a little higher. As a rough guide you might pay approximately an additional £100 to the overall total, but if you think you might be interested in a Weekend Funeral we would strongly recommend that you discuss this with us. A precise quotation will then be obtained for you based on your preferences.